Proactive non-executive

David Hunter's approach as a non-executive director is to discuss and understand shareholder objectives, then to work with management - either internal or outsourced - to meet these objectives.

This is not a passive role and for a period can, if required, involve quasi-executive duties in close liaison with the manager.

Often the non executive has to address historic and unaligned management contracts and fees. Hunter has strong experience of restructuring contracts to motivate managers to deliver the revised objectives.

In property companies it is crucial that a proportion of the non executives understand the dynamics of the real estate market. As an experienced market practitioner, Hunter can assess the underlying portfolio, and guide shareholders on the realistic options.

Non-executive directors require to balance strong and soundly based views with a need to achieve consensus in a board, where other strong views may exist. Hunter has a strong pedigree in achieving this consensus to the benefit of shareholders.

Examples: NR Nordic and Russia Properties, Yatra Capital, Custodian REIT.